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Wideye Spa Clay Bath Cubes - Detoxifying Gift Box

Deeply detoxify damaged skin. Each gift box includes four bath cubes to create a rich, naturally exfoliating & cleansing foam for an incredible home spa experience.

Wideye  bath cubes are like a bath bomb, formulated with a natural coconut derived surfactant to deeply cleanse your skin. They've also added Mango Fruit Powder for gentle exfoliation. Expect a rich foam to form in your bath and cover your body head to toe.

The clay bath cubes have been created with an extra dose of clay to deeply detoxify and purify your skin. All bath cubes are handmade by in the U.K. with natural ingredients and are free from SLSs, Parabens and Synthetic Scents & Dyes.

They are Vegan Friendly and there is absolutely no testing on animals and single use plastic free!

The Detoxifying gift box contains 4 chunky but gorgeous single use Bath Cubes which are all specially formulated to give you an incredible at home spa experience.  Each fully recycled gift box comes complete with a product guide and houses 1 each of the following bath cubes:-

Skin Management - For Oily or Normal Skin with a fresh scent

Rehab - for dull skin with a Citrus scent

Skin Fuel - for damaged or Mature skin with a spicy scent

Ommm -  features Rhassoul clay to deeply detoxify

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