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Stamford Premium Hex Incense Sticks - Various

  • Stamford Hexagonal Incense Sticks supplied by Ancient Wisdom will allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy the subtlety of the fragrances and aromas as you let the incense infuse the air around you.

    This range of Incense Sticks let you create the perfect mood for relaxation, entertaining and a truly stylish home. 

    With good quality scent in each design, you will have something special for every day. 

  • Pack of cored incense sticks contains 

    • 20 incense sticks approx.
    • Burn time 30 minutes approx. per stick. 
    • Made from perfumery raw materials only.
    • Packaging is recyclable.


  • Simply light the tip of your Incense Stick and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder.


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