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Leopard Print Tea Light/Candle Holder

  • Stylish Leopard print glass tea light/ candle holder, and an organza bag with four scented Yankee Candle tea lights which have a burn time of around 4 hours each.

    Fragrances of tealights available are:-

    Calamansi Cocktail
    Afternoon Escape
    Sweet Honeycomb
    Wedding Day
    Lime & Coriander
    All is Bright
    Alfresco Afternoon
    Singing Carols
    Trick or Treat

  • Each holder comes with 4 scented Yankee Candle tea lights in the fragrance of your choice, each tea light has a burn time of approximately 4 hours.

    Holder Size: 10cm x 12.5cm

    Material: Glass

  • Place a tea light within the holder and light, do not leave unattended and please extinguish fully after use.

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