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Derma V10 Exfoliating Foot Peel - Tea Tree & Peppermint - 1 Treatment

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  • Derma V10 Foot Peel Treatment starts working within 7-10 days.

    Derma V10 is a foot peel treatment enriched with Tea Tree and Peppermint to gently remove rough, dead skin leaving your feet soft and silky smooth.

    Pack contains 1 x 90 minute Treatment - Please note this is a FOOT PEEL treatment and Dead Skin will begin to peel off after 7-10 days.

  • Aqua, Alcohol, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Salicylic acid, Hydroxyethycellulose, Allantoin, Mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) leaf extract, Parfum, Limonene.

  • How to Use: 
    Thoroughly wash and dry feet and remove any nail polish. Take out and unfold the boots.  Use scissors to cut off the top to open the boot.  Place your foot inside the boot, peel off the back of the enclosed adhesive strip and use this to secure boot around the ankle (adhere strip to the boot only and not your skin). Socks can be placed over the boots if you wish.  Remove the boots after 90 minutes and towel dry your feet.  Dead skin will begin to peel of after 7-10 days and start to reveal soft, smooth and healthier looking feet.

    To reduce the risk of an allergic reaction occurring we recommend a patch test before use.  If any itching, rash or reddening occurs do not use the product.  Please be aware that even if a patch test has been carried out this is not a guarantee that you won't suffer an allergic reaction on using the product.  To prevent unwanted peeling and irritation on the thinner skin on the top of your feet we recommend applying Petroleum Jelly to this area before use.  If no Petroleum jelly is used then after use remove the lotion with a damp cloth fro the top of your feet only.  Allow skin to come away naturally, do not pull it to avoid damaging the underlying skin.  The exfoliating process differs per person and may last up to several weeks.  Some feet may exfoliate to a higher extent than others.  Soaking your feet in warm water for 10-20 minutes each day may speed up the process.  Wearing socks increases circulation and may also speed up the peeling process.  Whilst peeling skin may seem dry avoid using moisturisers until exfoliation has finished or the effect of the product may be reduced.  For best continued results use the product every 2-3 months.

    In the unlikely event that irritation occurs - discontinue use.  Do not use on broken, injured or irritated skin.  Avoid contact with eyes, if product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately.  If you are diabetic or suffer from poor circulation consult a doctor before use!  Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.  Use boots immediately after opening to prevent them from drying out.

    Avoid UV Exposure or use protection against UV whilst using the product.  



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