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Aroma Wax Melts - Lavender & Rosemary

  • Relax and unwind to the refreshing scent of Lavender and Rosemary with these Aroma Wax Melts.

    Made with pure aromatherapy essential oils, these wax melts give off a floral and relieving scent, perfect for helping people to relax and unwind after a busy day.  

    Our Aroma Wax Melts are made from a natural blend of Soy waxes and contain no Paraffin Wax so your room will smell of fragrance and not oil.

  • Sizes:

    Per jar:  Hight: 7.5cm , Diameter: 8cm  Weight 250g 

    Per wax melt: 1x1.5cm ( approx 60 pieces - 85g) 

    Soywax, Pure Essential Oils, Glass

  • Just add one or two wax melts to an oil burner to make your home smell wonderful


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